Filed Under POTUS on Nov 6 

Wow, I am not sure how to parse this one. Apparently, news is coming out that hours after hearing about the Ft Hood shootings, the president came out to address a crowd and press at the First Nations Conference. His purpose was to comment on the deaths of American troops. Instead, for the first 2 minutes, he rambles on about policy issues with the FNC, even giving a “shout out” to a particular member in the crowd. One report, from NBC Chicago (surprising source, I know), headlined it “frightening insensitivity”.

Presidents face enormous emotional challenges. Trying to feign interest in topics you could care less about, sound cheery over things that depress you, work with people who are on completely different pages, even within your own party. It’s a grinder at times.

That said, there are times where the solemnity of the moment should just ratchet up your attention and influence your emotional state. The importance of it should speak for itself. Having your own soldiers dying by the dozens is one of them. When it’s the other side of the world, it can be a challenge to imagine. When it’s in your backyard, you need to get a grip fast on how to respond with honor, sobriety, and a sadness over the loss of good people.

It’s moments like those that give a rare glimpse deeply into the character of a man. And in that moment, what I saw was a man in ‘campaign and politics’ mode instead of ‘commander of men and women’ mode. It revealed a shocking level of priority mis-management, where wonking with special interest groups takes front seat over a national tragedy (not to mention possible national security issues).

What degree of narcissism are we dealing with here? How many more people (especially loyal sycophants) will be thrown under the bus before people wake to the reality that this man truly only cares about himself, and as long as you are useful for his ends, you’re in good graces (read that with great trepidation, blue-dog dems). When your expediency is finished, you are as well.

Bush had his Katrina. Obama is going to have his Ft. Hood.

Bush was pounded for his response to the news of terrorists hitting the Twin towers. Liberals just gloated over how he kept reading to the class of kids for another half and hour before departing and confronting the situation. They labeled him as insensitive, out-of-touch, clueless, and completely off the page with what was supposedly needed at that moment.

So what will they say about Obama on this one??