A laughing matter


Filed Under Congress on Nov 6 

I’m just a housewife in the middle of nowhere. Today I wanted to petition my government; just like that old Constitution says I can. So I called my Representative’s office and what happened to me?

Gulliver the Intern laughed at me.

I’m not kidding. I was laughed at. My legitimate questions and concerns as an American citizen and taxpayer were laughed at.

I’m not mad per-se, but I am going to have fun with this. I’ll be calling Gulliver the Intern at Rep Ben Ray Lujan’s DC office at regular intervals today to see if he can take a call with a straight face. You can too, 202-225-6190.

Late Breaking Update: after tweeting and facebooking it my husband suggested calling a nationally syndicated radion program, say Glenn Beck. Well, I got on with Joe Pags, the guest host. Third hour about 35-40 into the hour. I think this might be my 15 mins of fame, but gosh it feels great!