I’m usually too busy to wonder what celebrities do in their down time. With a wife, two kids, a mortgage, grad school (again), and a dog I’m not sure when it was that I had time I didn’t know what to do with.

That said, as a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia I paid fairly close attention to the election returns last night. I can now proudly state that I live in a Red County. Memo to Congressman Gerry Connelly: Don’t get too excited about getting settled in your office. Bob McDonnell carried your district by an average of 55%.

But I digress.

You’d think that, after having invested so much time and political capital into the Virginia and New Jersey governor’s races, The One would be interested in the outcome and would check the returns to see if his aura had rubbed off on either Creigh Deeds or Jon Corzine. Sadly, The One couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.

It wasn’t as if he had domestic obligations to attend to. Michelle had packed the girls off to see Hannah Montana in concert. He’d brushed off German Chancellor Merkel’s invitation to visit the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. All things considered, The One pretty much had the run of the White House for the night. As a politician, you’d think he’d be getting regular updates.

Well, dear reader, The One did watch a show about election night on election night. However, it isn’t the election night you’re thinking about. The One spent prime time last night watching an HBO documentary By the People: The Election of Barack Obama. In other words, he watched a movie about himself.

Now, in defense of The One, it may have been difficult for him to find a news channel carrying a live election feed. Evidently, MSNBC gave up on live coverage at 10pm eastern last night. If my only choice was to watch a Keith Olbermann re-run or watch a documentary about myself, I’d probably do the latter.