By now you already know that Christie (GOP) won in NJ, McDonnell (GOP) won in VA, and Owens (DEM) won in NY-23.

What you may not know is that DNC chairman Tim Kaine’s unibrow has grown so thick and wiry that it’s sucking brain cells from where he needs them most.

In his statement last night, the Can’t-Be-Former-Governor-Soon-Enough quickly poo-pooed the stunning losses in NJ and VA and then delivered this hot, smelly mess of a paragraph:

“However, perhaps the most consequential race of the night was the special election in the 23rd Congressional District of New York in which the Republican candidate, a moderate, was purged from the Republican Party by the most extreme elements of the conservative right wing including Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. This race turned out to be the worst of all possible worlds for Republicans as not only did the Democrat, Bill Owens, win a seat that Democrats have not held in more than 100 years, but what occurred in New York has exposed a war within the Republican Party that will not soon end. It played itself out in Pennsylvania earlier this year when longtime Republican Senator Arlen Specter became a Democrat and is playing itself out in House, Senate and Gubernatorial races nationwide. The all out war between Republicans and the far right wing is a disaster for the Republican Party and will dog it well after today.”

Really? The most consequential race of the night was a single house race in NY? Seriously? This exposed a war within the republican party? Please, let’s stop calling Scozzafava a moderate. She’s a liberal in every sense. It’s not even fair to call her a RINO anymore. Even RINO’s don’t drop out of races and endorse democrats.

Of course the GOP would have loved to have won in NY. But it’s their own dang fault. They handpicked a candidate so liberal she dropped out of the race, endorsed the democrat and campaigned for him.

Hoffman was an underdog from the beginning. A nice guy. An accountant. A patriot. But a weak, uninteresting, uninspiring third party candidate. Let’s not forget that Hoffman should never have been competitive in the first place. The GOP spent almost a million dollars shredding him before coming to his corner with 72 hours left on the clock. The GOP deserved to lose this race.

Back in VA, the story is the O-Shift. Obama won in VA a year ago by 6 points. McDonnell won by 18. That’s a 24-point swing. Now Chairman Brow, Carville and Gibbs will argue that this simply followed a historical trend. Super. I’d like to see the state where a president won by 6 points and a year later his party faced an 18 point defeat. I’ll send a free autographed book to whomever can find that ‘historical trend’.

NJ might be even more stunning. Corzine spent somewhere north of ten billion dollars (so it seems) and lost to a conservative in the most corrupt state in the country. NJ is so blue that even the Smurfs look light skinned.

Should republicans be picking their desks for a major takeover in 2010? Absolutely not. These results mean that NJ will have a conservative governor for the next four years. VA will have the same. And, if we’re lucky, Obama/Pelosi/Reid will take an extra breath before ramming their socialist agenda down our throats.


  • Red State Eddio

    If the R’s want to re-take the Hill, or at least put a massive dent in the PelosiAgenda, then they need to campaign as seriously fiscal conservatives, bent on creating jobs by stripping the gov’t from its impositions on the market and other places. Doing this, while promising not to massively shake up the foundations of our country, will go a long way to winning back the trust of the American “center-rights” (the left is out to lunch permanently).

    The irony is that all of R-P-O’s agenda involved health care, energy, and education, all coming from a social perspective, not fiscal perspective. Massive debts, uncontrolled spending, unfunded mandates, dollar-strength circling the toilet, are all plans & policies that fly in the face of our current situation.

    It’s either wildly bold and daring, or the most clueless and idiotic agenda ever concocted, GWB included. I think the majority of the country will swing from the first to the second over the course of 2010 if they haven’t already.

    • Alaina Segovia

      Exactly! And given that economists are predicting a double dip recession next Spring and the unemployment numbers to stay around 10% for the next 3 years, I think it will continue to swing through 2012.

  • kristen

    Why are they looking at the mote in the GOP’s eye when they need to look at the beam in their own? The Democratic party is fighting amongst themselves. They have the bigger problems.

    If anything, the GOP will just be flushing out those that have party confusion.

  • East of Eden

    All of this ‘battle for the heart of the GOP’ talk makes me laugh a bit. You hit it right on the head Jason, these “moderate” candidates are really liberals. We’re not purging the GOP of moderates, we’re purging it of democrats.