If my employees wasted time like our employees in Congress do, they wouldn’t be my employees any more.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would not acknowledge a connection between head injuries on the football field and later brain diseases while defending the league’s policies on concussions before Congress.

However, Congress didn’t act out of character once their time-wasting charade had begun. They of course levied threats against the National Football League unless they got what they wanted. You know, the same thing in my business or yours that would be called “extortion”.

Under sometimes-contentious questioning from lawmakers — and suggestions about reconsidering the league’s lucrative antitrust exemption — Goodell sat at a witness table Wednesday alongside NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith.

Maxine Waters the one we all remember who threatened to socialize all of the oil companies, was especially clown-like in this exchange:

Goodell said that it’s a “priority for the owners and players to take better care of our retired players,” but Waters cut him off, demanding specifics.

“We’ve heard from the NFL time and time again — you’re always ‘studying,’ you’re always ‘trying,’ you’re ‘hopeful,” Waters said, pointing a finger in Goodell’s direction. “I want to know what are you doing … to deal with this problems and other problems related to injuries?”

Because all players in the NFL were forced to play. It’s like slavery! They’re not really paid, it’s a vast conspiracy!

Another Congressional Clown, John Conyers, who, as you will recall, believes in voting on bills no one has read, added this gem:

In addition to medical records from the NFL and its union, Conyers wants information on head injuries from the NCAA, high schools and medical researchers to better understand football’s health risks.

“We need an expeditious and independent review of all the data,” Conyers said

So Conyers doesn’t have time to read non-“stimulus” bills, “healthcare” bills, or other legislation impacting all Americans, but he does have time to read medical records for NFL, NCAA, and high school football players?

It is clear where us “regular folks” stand to our “representatives”. They are only concerned about themselves and the special interest that funds their campaigns and their lifestyles.