I’ve made no secret that I loathe the current Senate majority leader, Dusty Harry Reid (D-Circus Circus). I really can’t stand looking at the man and listening to his high-pitched whiny voice gives me an instant migraine.

Needless to say, lately Dusty Harry has been doing a lot of whining. On Monday he caved to The Pelosi and announced that the Senate health care destruction bill (which only Dusty Harry has evidently seen) would contain a “robust public option”. No sooner had Dusty Harry uttered these words than Old Joe Lieberman announced he would filibuster any such bill on the Senate floor.

Other uncertain senators include Evan Bayh of Indiana, Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas. Toss in Montana’s Max Baucus and Maine’s Olympia Snow and its hard to see 60 senators throwing in with Dusty Harry.

So, what does Dusty Harry do when confronted with this mathematical reality? He blames republicans – who were never invited to the party in the first place. Boldly whineth Dusty Harry:

You can’t dance if your partner’s not willing to get off the chair. Like when I was in high school — I wanted to dance but she wouldn’t get up.

This explains a lot. I think Dusty Harry spent a lot of time as a wallflower at many dances – high school notwithstanding. Most likely the girl refused to get off her chair because the thought of spending time in close proximity to Dusty Harry was literally more than she could stand.

Look, Harry. There are plenty of people at this Heath Care Reform Ball. Nobody’s dancing with you and your entourage because a) the music hasn’t got a good beat and b) they find dancing with you and your ilk to be fiscally repulsive.