Obama movies


Filed Under Humor on Oct 28 

Time for some humor and for something on the lighter side, I give you “Obama Movies” courtesy of all of us wasting our time on twitter:

Czar Wars IV: A False Hope
Czar Wars V: The Empire Hikes Tax
Czar Wars VI: The Return of That Van Guy
The League of Extraordinary Bolsheviks
How Tim Geithner Stole Christmas
The Good, The Bad and The Socialists
Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue
Teleprompter in the Grass
Barefoot in the Pork
Extremely Clear and Present Danger
Ghengis Yes We Khan
No Healthcare for Old Men
The Baracky Horror Picture Show
It’s the Great Bumpkin Charlie Brown
The Taxman Cometh
Harry Reid and the Chamber of Secrets
From Here to 2013 (Which feels like eternity)
Nightmare on Wall Street
Reversal of Fortune For All
The Revered Wright Stuff
You’ve Got Net Neutrality
The Ten Things I Hate About the USA
All The President’s Czars
The Lyin’ King
Obama and His 40 Theives
The Absent Minded President
Walk the Unemployment Line
Apologizing to the World in 80 Days
Raiders of the Lost TARP
The Hill Has Lies
A Fist Full of Dollars is All We Have Left
An ACORN Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Saving Private Healthcare

Feel free to add on….