Here in the Commonwealth (not State) of Virginia, the frost is on the pumpkin, the dew is in the grass, the fall foliage is beautiful, the Washington Redskins are being booed after victories, and oh by the way there’s a race for the Governor’s mansion. Some of you are no doubt aware of this race. Team Obama would rather you just ignore it.

Why? Because the republican candidate Bob McDonnell is leading his democratic rival Creigh Deeds. Don’t ask me how to pronounce his first name. In about three weeks it won’t matter. Deeds is currently trails McDonnell by double digits. This despite the fact that The One resides just across the river and is heavily invested in a Deeds victory that will not happen.

So far gone is the Virginia’s governor race that Team Obama has already started to distance The One from the flailing Deeds. Today’s Washington Post carried a column entitled “Deeds ignored advice, White House says”. Simply put, if the White House could widen the Potomac to put more distance between The One and Virginia, they would happily do so.

So, Mr. Deeds, get ready for the post-election “This is not the Creigh Deeds I knew” speech just before you are shoved out of Team Obama’s campaign bus and run over by it. Be sure to say hello to the legion of staffers, campaign workers, and former Congregationalists clinging to the undercarriage of the bus. There’s always room down there for more.


  • East of Eden

    Can’t he just get a job at the Center for American Progress? That’s where all the other Obama castoffs go.

  • Alaina

    I believe NJ and VA are the only two races for Gov. We’re clinging on by a thread in NJ… We were doing much better until the Indy started picking up steam a couple weeks ago.

  • Rick B.

    Right… Deeds ignored advice from the White House, and that’s why he’s losing! Actually, he’s losing because he’s not a very good candidate. I think the Democrats got complacent in Virginia.

    But what did the White House strategy amount to? Getting Obama to fire up the African-American base here in the great Commonwealth.

    People who criticize Obama are labeled racist, when it seems his own party manipulates African-Americans to its own advantage.

  • Troy La Mana

    There’s one pickup for Republicans. Any idea of how the map looks around the rest of the country?