We may have elected an American apologist and Nobel Peace Prize winner to the POTUS with the ability to lecture and mesmarize the world with his auditory and teleprompter skills, yet, the entrance of Barack Obama and the exit of George W. Bush is not enough to calm the thirst for American blood.

In a recent op-ed by Thomas Friedman, hardly a right wing bomb thrower, Mr. Friedman reminds us that the threat posed to us by Islamic radical fanatics has not seized to exist.

Thomas Friedman writes

”He didn’t want to wear earplugs. Apparently, he wanted to enjoy the blast. That is what The Dallas Morning News reported about Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, the 19-year-old Jordanian accused of trying to blow up a downtown Dallas skyscraper. He was caught by an F.B.I. sting operation that culminated in his arrest nearly two weeks ago — after Smadi parked a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, supplied by the F.B.I., in the garage of a Dallas office tower.

“Inside the S.U.V. was a fake bomb, designed to appear similar to one used by Timothy McVeigh in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing,” The News wrote. “Authorities say Smadi thought he could detonate it with a cellphone. After parking the vehicle, he got into another vehicle with one of the agents, and they drove several blocks away. An agent offered Smadi earplugs, but he declined, ‘indicating that he wanted to hear the blast,’ authorities said. He then dialed the phone, thinking it would trigger the bomb. … Instead, the agents took him into custody.”

Mr. Friedman continues…

If that doesn’t send a little shiver down your spine, how about this one? BBC.com reported that “it has emerged that an Al Qaeda bomber who died last month while trying to blow up a Saudi prince in Jeddah had hidden the explosives inside his body.” He reportedly inserted the bomb and detonator in his rectum to elude metal detectors. My God.

The full article: Still Not Tired

While President Obama accepts his prize for which he admits he has not earned others will continue to hate, plan, and implement ways to kill Americans and our allies. For those who wish us dead it is not about “party” politics or who wins and loses American elections. It is not about “tone” from our Dear Leaders or the swagger in their walk. It is not about being patronized with meaningless platitudes and apologies, as those devices only satisfy our so called “allies”. For those who wish us harm the only endgame is to win or lose.

The enemies of America are trying to tell us that the phrase “We will not waver, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail” goes both ways. We all recognize and appreciate President Obama’s ability to speak, what we have yet to recognize is his ability to listen. Let us pray he is.