Though I had a hectic travel schedule over the summer, I would have made time to go to one of my congressman’s town hall meetings. The only problem was, he held only one and it was in a gated community to which I had no access. Good thing I hadn’t invested much money in rotten fruit.

Now I understand that a congressman’s job is not an easy one. So many babies to kiss, so many fundraisers to attend, so many palms to grease and union thugs to appease. Yet somehow, my congressman – Gerry Connelly – managed to find time for some community theater work.

Yes, dear reader, he managed to get himself cast as a taxi driver in NoVa’s Providence Players production of Harvey.

Good for him. Maybe I should start referring to Congressman Connelly as Virginia’s imaginary congressman. His role could just as easily be played by an understudy assigned by The Pelosi as that’s about as much independence from the party line as he shows. Congressional duties must be pretty easy when you find the script already written for you.