Michael Moore’s new film (read: piece of propaganda) opens in theaters this weekend. I know you’re all going to run out to watch it. I wonder if admission is free…..and if he’ll throw in some popcorn for all the viewers. After all, capitalism is “evil”. I would think he could afford to spring for everyone to watch his latest atrocity since he is one of those greedy rich folk. He certainly is one of those awful ‘haves’ that could give to the ‘have-nots’.

The very thought of Moore turning a profit on his own product goes against the very thing his movie rails on. Moore has made millions upon millions off people duped into watching his lies. I mean, isn’t he the typical success story: a laid-off auto worker from Flint Michigan who tapped into another skill (well, that’s debatable) to earn a living? Um, is hypocrisy spelled M-I-C-H-A-E-L-M-O-O-R-E?

Here we have a man with a house in Manhattan, beachfront property in Michigan, and money to burn. And he has the gall to proclaim that greed is bad? Newsflash: Greed channeled in a free-market society is a good thing. (How do you think we’ve become so advanced?) Why don’t you go after those greedy dictators who thirst for power and oppress their people?

And if you want to spread the wealth, why don’t you start with your own?

I say Moore buys a one-way ticket to a communist-infested country to fully appreciate the “merits” of a government-run utopia.