Though I appreciate so many of you camping by your bookstores, sleeping beside your mailboxes, or refreshing Amazon every 17 seconds, the wait is over. My two new Christmas books are out today. I cannot guarantee your local store will shelve them yet, but they are now shipping via Amazon.

Get your copy (copies?) of Christmas Jars Reunion here.

Get your copies (case?) of Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle here.



  • East of Eden

    Will look for them the next time we are in town, but Santa Fe bookstores are iffy at best….I love the internet for that very reason! :)

  • Sartho

    I hope your mom gives them out for Christmas gifts this year like she did with Recovering Charles. Then I can just borrow them. :D

    • Jason Wright, Editor

      She’s been instructed not to. No gifts this year. You know, with the economy and all…

  • kristen

    Hey; any PD discounts? ;-)