There was a time in the not too distant past when the New York Times suffered from the delusion that people would fork over their hard earned or stolen cash for the privilege of reading the high minded opinion pieces written by the likes of Maureen Dowd. Those on the upper floors of the Old Grey Lady were shocked when the accountants told them only fifteen people had subscribed to the service.

If I exaggerate, I do so only slightly.

I’m not sure when the New York Times decided to let their op-ed columnists out of the basement and inflict them on the rest of us, but Lady Dowd has put up a real winner this week.

Here’s the long and the short of it:

If you are white, male, live in a southern state, and have the audacity to infer – directly or indirectly – that The One is a liar, you are a sheet wearing, cross burning, lynch mob inciting racist.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that Joe Wilson’s calling out of The One in the House Chamber was a breach of etiquette and decorum. Having paid attention to previous presidential addresses to joint sessions of Congress, I’m not exactly sure his actions were “historically unprecedented”. Wilson acted alone, whereas the Congressional Jackass Caucus collectively booed W on several occasions. I’m sure several members of the Black Caucus participated in this disrespectful activity. I guess I can now refer to them as racists.

I wish somebody could tell me why it is the left cannot civilly handle those who disagree with them. Politics is, after all, a contact sport. You don’t have to go too far back into the history books to find stories of Congressmen clubbing each other with canes right there in the Well of the House or taking matters outside on the lawn to settle their differences and matters of “honor” with a set of dueling pistols.

Facts are stubborn things, and the fact of the matter is that Wilson reacted to The One’s statement that was and is an outright lie. Maureen Dowd doesn’t agree with me, and while that is her God given and New York Times amplified right, as my Grandpa used to remind me, “Boy, wishin’ don’t always make it so.”

My disagreements with The One have nothing to do with the color of his skin. During the entire 2008 campaign I made several observations that The One was in no way qualified or experienced for the job he was applying for. Nine months into his term, he has done little to prove me wrong. I’m a white guy, livingn in a southern state, and I think The One is full of #@$%. If that makes me a racist, I guess I’d better go find an old set of bed sheets, some rope, and some wood.