Dems see double


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I’m so glad the politicians in Washington are hard at work, truly earning their 6-figure income and plush benefits package (paid for by you and me), and discussing such important matters of business…….such as what to do about that darned Joe Wilson who broke House decorum. Gosh Joe; how dare you accuse the president of lying, even if it is true.

To sit and deliberate over a Congressman’s emotional outburst–for which he has personally apologized–is as sad as it gets. Here we have a bill that is getting rushed through Congress in the name of “emergency” that has so many gaps and problems and could push this country over the edge on the brink of bankruptcy; yet we have to waste time on a resolution of disapproval (first one in history) for someone who merely spoke his mind. Yes, perhaps it was inappropriate and poorly timed. But he was only speaking the truth.

Eric Cantor on the House floor today said:

The president stood on this floor in this body … and said that he did not believe that there was any access for those here illegally to any benefits and, in fact, on page 143, there is a section which speaks to the issue that there should be no federal benefit to those here illegally. The problem that we have on this side is that there is no requirement for verification of legal status, and in fact the White House, in fact Sen. Baucus, and others have since come out and said: ‘You know what? You’re right.’

He also slapped them with this:

The [Wilson] resolution … creates no job. The resolution does nothing … to create access to quality health care…..It is time to set aside childish things.

Speaking of lack of decorum. Where was the outcry when Pete Stark called Bush a liar twice in one speech on the House floor? Or when the Democrats booed Bush in his State of the Union address in ’05? Or how about Sen Reid calling Bush a loser and a liar? (Only later apologizing for the former.) Nancy ‘Botox’ Pelosi accusing the CIA of lying? How about all the tax cheats who got promotions to work in this current administration?

Or is it because the rules only apply to Republicans, and the Dems can just do whatever the heck they want? Can we say……double standard?