Saturday was an incredible day. I took my wife and three children, all under 10, to the 9.12.09 March on Washington. If you saw the guy in a white shirt with a patriotic tie pulling a red wagon with two of the cutest patriotically dressed girls you’ve ever seen walking next to a beautiful woman pushing a stroller with the most handsome 18 month old boy in America, you probably saw me. If you heard the guy reading the words of our founding fathers and selections from the Constitution just east of Freedom Plaza before the march began, you probably heard me. If you have blurry pictures of the crowd all around you taken by the guy standing on his children’s red wagon, you probably handed your camera to me. (Note all pictures enlarge when clicked.)

I met wonderful people from all over this nation including California (southern and northern!), New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Alabama, Ohio, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado, Nevada, and some Tennessee Volunteers. As we worked our way toward the group of our fellow Georgians, I met folks from all over our fine state, from cities I’ve visited and small towns I’ve only heard of. Hopefully, many of you found your way here to Political Derby.

The Georgians and those I met from the Jacksonville Tea Party were especially kind. In fact, for a gathering of somewhere between hundreds of thousands and 1.2 million people, I was shocked and entirely impressed that we experienced no rudeness, only kindness and politeness. There was a just a bunch of good people. No angry mobs. No racists. No terrorists. And there certainly were no extremists. That is, unless you consider those whose views align with our God-inspired founders to be “extreme”.

Rather, there was love all around. We were there to express love for our country, for our future, and for our children. We were in Washington to show our love for the Republic which our founders created for us through their wisdom and inspiration of God himself.

I intend to continue in peacefully fighting to keep our Republic, as Benjamin Franklin challenged us to do.

I am proud that Scott’s Slant on Politics was one of the first blogs to join the blogger alliance of the 09.12.09 March on Washington movement. Together, if we, as Americans, continue to fight for our freedom, even through the darkest of nights, which are likely yet to come, I am certain by my faith in our creator that we will win.

Note: You can see the rest of my photos on Flickr.