I was not at the 9-12 rally, but I caught snippets of it on-line through the live feeds. I do know one thing: there were some seriously hilarious, amusing, or poignant signs at the rally. Here are a few I either saw on-line or read about:

“I’m not your ATM!”
“Go Green – Recycle your congressman”
“Joe Wilson for Truth Czar”
“Stalin called – he wants his policies back”
“Obamacare makes me sick”
“Czars are for Russians”
“King George Didn’t Listen Either!”
“Terrorists Won’t Destroy America, Congress Will!”
“The American Dream R.I.P.”
“Having government manage your health care is like having Michael Vick watch your dog” [OUCH!]
“Cash for Clunkers! Trade in your congressman!”
(for Nancy Pelosi) “Botox can’t keep the brain young”
“The Constitution – Your Only Public Option!”

Just to name a few.

Which ones were your favorites? Or, if you could have gone, what would you have put on your own placard?