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From PD Poet Laureate, Whodat:

Truth is seldom the travel companion of decorum…

Well, I have found a MAN worthy of consideration for 2012: Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C.,

Not only did he tell it like it is, he told it to the man hisself and in front of the whole Congress, and the pundits and the entire population of the USA, the world and any inter-galactic space-ships who happened to be in our ionosphere at the moment.

“You lie!” is truth and we all know it. Joe Wilson spoke it and the shock begot what the truth usually gets. Remember that small boy who suggested the emperor was naked?

So, if Obama was NOT lying, how come La Raza Unida ain’t whining because illegals are not covered? Not one Latino advocacy group is screaming at Obama’s vision. How come? Duh! Don’t you know that if illegals were REALLY excluded, that we would have hell to pay with these groups?

By the way, where is Planned Parenthood? Don’t you know that if Obama’s vision does NOT include free abortions on demand that that all pro-abortionists would be at all the town-hall meetings raising more hell than we few beleaguered tax payers? I have not seen one “pro-choice” protester railing against the Messiah…

Don’t let me digress; What we saw Wednesday night was one elected official whose heart overtook his mind, his sense of right and wrong overtook his respect of “the office”. his personal repudiation of the endless lies, misrepresentations, threats and miscalculations, ignite his instincts to stand and fight. I will NOT support Joe Wilson for Mr. Congeniality. However, in the famous politicalderby.com horse race, I submit he should be in First Place!

Whodat respects the man who stands, especially where he should not!