True freedom and liberty are a result of our opportunity to choose. Forced choice is oppression, no matter how correct the forced choice may seem to be. The absence of choice results directly in bondage. In fact, James described liberty as “the perfect law” (1:25).

Liberty is the perfect law because it implies personal responsibility. We are responsible for all of the choices we make, including the acceptance of the consequences of our choices, be them good or bad.

However, without the opportunity to choose and experience the consequences of choice, we will never understand the positive from the negative. If the government is always throwing a safety net to save us from our poor choices, then why be prudent? If the government will bailout enormous companies that make poor business decisions, then why shouldn’t they take risks you or I would never take with our finances?

Persons stuck in the cycle of welfare bailing them out and companies fastened in government ownership are fully bound by the chains of restraint, preventing them from improving themselves. They know they are getting by, but have no concept of their potential, as their choice to innovate and improve has been removed by their reliance on a handout that rewards their existing mediocrity.

On the other hand, there is a reason the economy of the United States of America has grown at a faster rate over the past century than any other nation. There is a reason for the constant flow of innovation, improvement, and sustainability in this land. The reason is this land is a land of liberty, where the inhabitants are free to choose their course. Americans have traditionally been free to fail, so they can learn and improve after every successful failure.

The federal government continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, serving no one but itself and its members. We must stand against the expansion of the federal government and return it to its two fold role: 1. Provide for the common defense. 2. Regulate inter-state (meaning nation-state) trade. That is it.

I will be taking a stand on 9/12/2009 by joining the march on Washington to protest big government that serves itself and takes away our liberty because I believe that I should do as the verse inscribed on the Liberty Bell instructs:

Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.

Will you support and uphold what remains of our liberty? Will you fight to have all of our liberties returned? Or will you continue to accept more of the same, as both the Republicans and Democrats attack our freedoms through the expansion of government?