I’m OK with the Speech


Filed Under General, POTUS on Sep 8 

I realize that it may already be happening, but I thought I’d throw this out for fraternal dissection. After reading the speech, and reading the revised lesson plans that replaced the first version, I am OK with the President giving the message today to the kiddies. Stay in school, stay away from drugs, wash your hands, etc, is all good stuff. While I’d prefer it being a conservative president, there are moments when the Pres needs to be just that – presidential, and not some partisan hack.

The more glaring observation from this whole mess is that his teams are operating at an amateurish, ad hoc manner. Let’s just assume for a moment that his message was always going to be an innocuous one. If that’s the case, his prep teams, and the Dept of Edjimication, made him look real silly. He actually lost points on this whole process until all the second round work was done (which should have been done the first time). Knowing he’s in a whirlpool of partisan politics with healthcare, they should have striven to make this appear as innocent and innocuous as possible on the front end, even possibly motivational for some. Better advance communication to a number of people (schools, districts, parents), better voluntary transparency (like having the speech prepared before announcing it), and better lesson preparers (goodnes gracious, these are ed. professionals-that’s the best the could do??). But they didn’t, and he had egg on his face by the time the corrections came.

That’s a sign of leadership more than anything else. Good leaders have quality teams who are executing their role with the results that his office (and hopefully him in their eyes) is magnified and maintained as a quality person in a quality role. When they’re operating sub-par, he’s looking more than mortal – he starts to look more like Jimmy Carter.