Today widespread stories on Van Jones’ resignation have circulated. CNN, FOX News, and many others have similar articles confirming that when asked on “Meet the Press” whether President Obama ordered Jones’ firing, Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod said: “Absolutely not. This was Van Jones’ own decision.”

President Obama’s closest adviser has told us that even though it is widely known that Van Jones is a communist, a position Jones refuses to recant, President Obama did not desire to fire him! This seemingly unimportant detail shows us that the President condones radicals and communists when he had every opportunity through this situation to condemn these systems of belief! In fact, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that President Obama “thanks him for his service to the country”. Seriously, the President believes that a man whose goal is revolution resulting in communism by using the levers of race and green has actually served our country?

Communism is a great evil and our President refuses to disassociate himself from it. I cannot think of anything more troubling. We should all hit the floor with our knees immediately and pray for our country. Do not wait. We need the power and protection of God to defend our Republic.