Throwing a curveball into the democratic coronation of Teddy’s successor, former Ace pitcher for the BoSox, Curt Schilling, has indicated that he may be interested in running for the vacant seat, says the Associated Press.

Curt said Wednesday that he has “some interest” in running for the seat held for nearly 50 years by Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Schilling, a registered independent and longtime Republican supporter, wrote on his blog that while his family and video game company, 38 Studios, are high priorities, “I do have some interest in the possibility.”

Reaction among the Red Sox was decidedly jovial Wednesday. “If he runs, good luck,” said first baseman Kevin Youkilis. “I don’t know if I’d want to do that job.” Team manager Terry Francona said Schilling should do whatever makes him happy but noted, “I don’t think he’d want me as his campaign manager.”

Democrats said to be considering a campaign include U.S. Reps. Stephen Lynch of Boston, Michael Capuano of Somerville and John Tierney of Salem, as well as Kennedy’s nephew, former U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II. Only state Attorney General Martha Coakley has taken out papers for a Democratic campaign, though she has refused to make any follow-up comment.

I never thought I’d see the day that the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts would come into play for Republicans.

Hmm. Who would I want to vote for? A local shlub, a family mooch, or a World Series winner? Hmmm…