Attention students!


Filed Under General on Sep 2 

Since no one else has mentioned it I will…

President Obama will be addressing the nation’s children on September 8th. That’s next Tuesday.

As you can imagine as an educator it troubles me, as a parent it troubles me even more. The Department of Education has put out a letter to school principles with suggested lesson plans for the event. (The lesson plans are the PDF links in the upper right corner).

Now, if the President were just going to get on TV and say, “Kids, you need to work hard and do your best in school” I would have no problem. Methinks however there will be more to it, because there always is more to it. It is becoming more apparent that this administration needs every part of society behind it, spreading the hope and change.

My suggestion is this, call your kids’ schools, find out what their plan is and make a plan for your family. This would also be an item worth talking about with friends, family and neighbors as well. If you don’t talk to and teach your kids, someone else will.