There’s a decent article about Mitt Romney in Sunday’s Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. You can see it here.

But this paragraph sent me over the edge:

As Romney advisers mined their 2008 experience for potential 2012 lessons, several rued the fact that he had been introduced nationally as an ideological purist and not as a businesslike pragmatist. Instead, his campaign focused too intently on winning over Iowa’s evangelical voters, for whom Romney’s Mormonism had likely been an insurmountable hurdle, aides concluded after the election. “If you’re looking for a mistake we made, we should have made [the campaign] more about competence,” says Ron Kaufman, a lobbyist and former White House official who advises Romney. “If a Republican can win in 2012, it will be because competence matters.”

Romney’s biggest problem was that too many conservatives didn’t trust that he was a true conservative because of his previous positions and statements. Mitt Romney, the competent moderate manager, would have gone nowhere. I wouldn’t have supported him (and I was on his Virginia steering committee).