It seems like every time I turn on the news, the ACLU is stirring up trouble for good, honest American people.

Their latest antics could cost some Americans their lives.  They tracked down 55 CIA agents who interrogated terrorists, took their picture, and showed them to the terrorists.  Those agents will have marks on their backs for the rest of their lives.

The ACLU attacks our religious freedom.  They claim we’re racists if we don’t agree with them.  They do nothing but cause trouble for America and try to impose their extremist “values” on us.

I’ve had enough and I think it’s time for this country to put a stop to it.  I would like to start an organization to do just that.  If the ACLU was counter sued for all for all of their frivulous lawsuits, they would be so tied up defending themselves that they wouldn’t have much time left to sue good people.

If you know any lawyers (particularly retired ones with a little free time) who are as tired of the ACLU as I am, please have them email me at