Lost in the Sauce is a new feature I’ve been bandying about in my brain in between wedding planning and finalizing my application to get into an MBA program the last couple of months. The idea: bring attention to a story that I think is more important than the level of press it is currently getting.

Today I found just the kind of story I had in mind, namely a bill championed by our old amigo, Rep. Ron “Money Bomb” Paul. The bill would mandate audits of the Federal Reserve. Now I know some conservatives blanch at any type of governmental oversight, but I think this bill makes sense. With the nearly incredulous amount of power the Fed has received under the Obama administration, I think anyone would agree that a little peeky-peek at the books by someone outside the power structure makes some good common sense.

Just as long as its not someone formerly employed by Enron, Worldcom, or any of the recently departed financial giants.