The Best Thing to Happen to Mitt Romney since Xtra Hold Hair Gel
Niko Karvounis
August 22, 2009 Niko Karvounis

Health care reform continues to be a controversial and heated issue, with a vocal minority of agitated–or, as the President oddly put it this week, “wee-weed” up–conservatives working hard to create an atmosphere of apocalyptic panic around the possibility of reform.

“They want to take over our life!” yell the voters who put up a stink at town halls discussing health care reform. Obama is “conducting an experiment” in big government at the expense of Americans, according to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. The Internet is awash with viral images of Barack Obama as a socialist Joker, and potential 2012 presidential contenders like Republican Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty are smugly declaring that “Obama is proposing things that are out of step with common sense, [and] out of step with the notion that the government isn’t going to run everything.”

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