Because I’m a terrible friend and have been crashing on a deadline for my March 2010 novel, I neglected to alert the troops that our third favorite PD Editor (after Fountain and Wright, of course) was married last Saturday.

Kaiser is now on his honeymoon, no doubt wishing more than anything he could log on to check out the action at PD. So why not leave him a nice message in the comments section? You know at some point, when his bride isn’t looking, he’s going to sneak a peek…


  • David Kaiser

    Thanks to all for the best wishes. We had a special day and a fantastic honeymoon.

    Had to come back to reality eventually…

  • JE

    Congratulations! Marriage is a wonderful institution…so welcome to the ranks of the institutionalized.
    So despite the ‘moderate’ label we now know you are pro-marriage! :)

  • dw


    And, since others have posted the number of years they have been married, Mrs DW and I celebrate 24 years on Monday.

  • Eric

    Congrats David and Mrs. K.

    After 11 yrs and 4 children, we still love being married. God bless your new family.

  • Gary Russell

    My congratulations to you, and sincere condolences to your lovely bride! jk

  • RickyD

    Congratulations! Now if you’re reading this I hope she leaves you! :) Happy Honeymoon.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Congrats David! We have 18 yrs and still loving it! Enjoy every day, even the ones that aren’t so great end up great in the end!

  • Brian H

    Congrats, “Don” Kaiser.

    ..and may your first child be a masculine child….and Republican.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      oh Brian, all children are born Democrats….. They cry and want you to take care of them! LOL It’s always all about them and they only know about immediate gratification! Thankfully some grow out of it! LOL

  • Cordeiro

    I’m betting Kaiser had the Phillies game on in the ready room right up to the point where he left to walk down the aisle.

  • Scott A. Robinson


    Maybe being married will help you in becoming more conservative :-)


    • Reese

      It will when the bills start coming in…

  • East of Eden

    Excellent! Hope everything was marvelous! Now hurry up and join the rest of us in the PD nursery…

  • Whodat


    After 32 years of marital bliss
    I have no words except for this:

    Keep your mouth shut & your head down!

    Best of luck and try to never let it stop being fun.


    • Red State Eddio

      Is that where you learned to so artfully dodge liberals? ;-)

      • Reese

        Naw, different strategy for liberals – I don’t sleep with them…

        • Whodat

          OOOOppps. Whodat got a new computer and slipped up a little…

  • Red State Eddio

    David – Stop reading this and get back to your wife!