At least that’s the sentence the ACLU would hand down. Down in Florida, the ACLU has its collective thong in a knot because one school principal asked the athletic director to say a prayer prior to a employee lunch.

Evidently some students may or may not have been within earshot and the ACLU is concerned about the effects prayer might have on their fragile minds. The liberal left’s war on anything resembling religion or prayer in school is nothing new. What caught my eye was the fact these men will be put on trial for this prayer. If found guilty, they could both be fined about $5,000 and spend six months in the pen.

That’s right, dear reader. Six months in the slammer for offerning a prayer over lunch.

The ACLU’s war on religion in general and Christianity specifically, is not limited to school employees. It also extends to the students. So great was the ACLU’s fear of a possible religious reference, they bullied the school district into prohibiting the school’s student body president from addressing her classmates. Their reasoning? Well, get this:

Mr. Staver said the district also agreed to forbid senior class President Mary Allen from speaking at the school’s May 30 graduation ceremony on the chance that the young woman, a known Christian, might say something religious.

“She was the first student body president in 33 years not allowed to speak,” he said.


I am a product of the public school system – up to High School anyway. In that public venue I heard all sorts of prayers and sang all sorts of religious related music. My football coach – one of the toughest men I know – offered a prayer and invited us to pray before each game. I never asked him which religious sect he attended and he never asked about mine. I hope he still offers that same prayer before his teams take the field.

I fear, dear reader, for a land where the addressing of Deity in a public setting is now grounds for imprisonment.