You probably missed it—most of us did—last Friday Timothy Geithner was on Capitol Hill asking to increase the “$12.1 trillion debt limit by an unspecified amount”.

It is interesting at this time that Geithner is looking have the debt ceiling increased and even more curious that he did it on Friday, the day when news goes to die. Why does he want this request to remain obscure?

We know the additional debt is not for the “stimulus”. That is why Obama had to tug really really hard (read: payoff through extra funds diverted to their states) on the arms of those “fiscally responsible Republicans” from Maine and Arlen Specter, whose “party” affiliation depends on what will do more for him personally in the current election cycle, to convince them to vote for the “stimulus”. He had to convince them because he needed 60 votes to raise the national debt ceiling then.

So there must be something else going on that would cause Geithner and the White House to be concerned that the debt ceiling must be increased further. Unless there is yet another spending bill in the works that we are not aware of, this request seems to be in anticipation of socialized healthcare.

It is true that the bill isn’t supposed to go into effect for several years. However, there almost certainly will be a build up in bringing on all the new bureaucrats and administrators to operate such a plan. I’m certain that due to all of the planning that must be done, it would constitute an emergency that hundreds of administrators must start immediately!

But I thought the President said his healthcare plan would mostly be funded by “efficiencies” that his plan created? I don’t know about you, but I trust someone’s actions above their words.

Then again, this is all speculation. Maybe the money is to pay outrageous salaries to the droves of unconstitutional Obama cronies we know as “czars”. Though with such fine leaders, like avowed communist Van Jones, maybe the czars are working for free. You know, for the good of the people.

However, there is one other current policy that Obama needs to fund.

He needs to pay O’Brien.

Now that the federal government is openly forming the thought police, it won’t be cheap to sort through all those darn flagged not agreeing with The Party right-wing nutjob hating talking point regurgitating robots.

So please, for your own sake, flag this post. Because, for all you know the Ministry of Truth is monitoring your computer right now and I am clearly a thought criminal.