We interrupt your regularly scheduled national health care tirade to bring you this hot-off-the-presses report. Founder in chief and head honcho Craig Robinson over at the Iowa Republican has decided to publish the second-only-to-PD earliest report of the potential Republican hopefuls heading into the entirely too-early-to-call presidential campaign trail in 2010.

It’s unconfirmed at this point whether he posts on PD as “David Kaiser”. Background checks are forthcoming.

In the meantime, here’s his rankings:
1. Strong: Romney
2. Risin’: Newt, Pawlenty
3. Fallin’: Huckabeliever; Palin
4. Promising Potentials: Barbour, Thune, Perry, Pence

OK, He’s no PD (ppfffff…as if). But he does bring some fresh and differing perspective to the race.

Mitt: I think he has a point with Mitt. I know this is a Mittens-lovin’ site, but unless Mitt can shed the plastic east-coast business man’s three-piece suit look, don some suspenders and chase a couple of greased pigs around the barn, he’s staring down another deficit out of the starting gate again. Money is not the issue; it’s rasslin’ and mixing it up with the folks that will help him more. As much as some here can’t stand the Huck, he’s smooth and articulate on the social issues, and baring the bizarre gay marriage episode, Iowan conservatives like their corn and their pols lily white with that old time religion and going to church on time thing.

Timmy P: Pawlenty shows real promise because he’s in neighboring Minnesota, and when they’re not watching Stuart Smalley re-runs on C-Span, Iowans might be catching glimpses of the Guv up north. He could pull a lot of votes due to his location, location, location.

Newt: I just can’t see him gaining national traction. He is super smart, can debate anyone, even the Annointed One, into a corner. I just think he’s a lightning rod, and the last thing R’s need to do is give the Dem’s easy ammo for the campaigns. Newt would work best mentoring a few other pols to groom them for stardom (can anyone say Palin in 2016?).

So…you extreme right wing, un-American, astroturf mobsters, you – have at it. What do you think?