This is my congressman, the (somewhat) honorable freshman democrat Gerry Connolly. He was swept into office this past fall on the heels of Hope and Change turning what had been a somewhat reliable red district into a true blue vote for anything put forth by The Pelosi.

In the interests of full disclosure, I do not know Gerry Connolly. I have never met him and it he keeps true to his hectic schedule during the August recess, I won’t meet him anytime soon. You see, Congressman Connolly has but one “town hall” meeting scheduled for the recess – on September 2. I can’t attend that meeting because, well, its being held in a gated community. Technically it hasn’t been formally announced – a detail which further complicates my attendance.

So, dear reader, I won’t be able to exercise my constitutional right to petition my representative for a redress of grievances against my government. Evidently, my congressman has deemed me and the rest of the people living outside that gated community as unworthy of basking in his presence. Therefore, on the off chance Gerry or one of his staffers happens upon this post, I have two things I’d like to pass along to the man I pay to represent me in the US House of Representatives.

First: When I made the decision to relocate my family from Southern California to Virginia, I was very happy about the fact that I would no longer be represented by the likes of The Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman, Barbara Boxer, and Diane Feinstein. I would no longer have to cringe every time they stood up in the House or Senate and proceeded to embarrass the entire Golden State. Now I find myself being yet again represented by someone toes the party line just like a liberal Californian. If I wanted this kind of sub-par representation, I’d have stayed in LA.

Second: If I were you, Congressman, I’d be careful about unpacking your boxes and getting too comfortable in that office of yours there on the Hill. I don’t think you’ll be sticking around very long.