The Oba-wan tried to give the analogy that private companies can compete with govt entities – take the Post Office, UPS, & FEDEX scenario for example.

Sounds clever. Seems like a good comparison. It might just work. Only one problem: it’s bogus. It’s a fallacious argument. It’s not the same scenario as health care, Mr. President. What a deceptive argument. The Post-Office/FEDEX/UPS analogy is just not apples to apples.

Think about it. Everyone pays for the postal service. Nobody gets the service for free. So it becomes an economic choice. The PO’s viability comes from charging for its service, and even then, it loses money, as the Gifted One so eloquently said today. Duh.

But the health care plan won’t bill for services, because if so, it would be precisely what they’re trying to avoid – making health care an economic choice that some could not afford.

However, if the postal service decided tomorrow to offer free letter delivery, or free package delivery of things over 1lb, that would be more akin to what we’re talking about.

But here’s what would happen next: UPS and Fedex would have to lower their rates to stay competitive, and might even need to merge or break up sections of the company if it was too big to handle the new economic scenario.

Not only that, this perma-free scenario would surely crash the Post Office’s supply chain and logistics. They would not be able to handle the volume. Then they’d have to come out with a new rule that would say that only the first 1,000 people that day could get the service for free. The others afterwards would have to pay.

Or, they’d decree that the first 1,000 people would get the service, and everyone else would have to wait till the following day. That’s how they’d ration the service to handle the volume.

It’s one thing if it’s your mail. It’s something altogether different when it’s your heart…your liver…your life.

Honestly, Mr President, if that’s the best you can do, you’re done.