If president Barack Obama continues to get his way on all economic and political matters, I believe it will significantly change the trajectory of our country for the worse. In so doing, I believe that by the year 2040, we will see what will become labeled as the “Great American 21st Century Exodus.”

People (mainly conservative business people, executives, professionals, and students) will discover that other areas of the world will become more appealing to live in compared to the US. Current US graduates already are. Australia, New Zealand, even Singapore—just to name a few—will become enticing options as people who do business for a living realize the high cost of doing business here, and the ease at which people can both travel and communicate globally, become factors in re-locating elsewhere. Right now, it may seem like a trickle. By 2040, it will be a gusher. I’d make a big bet that’s what Warren Buffet is saying behind closed doors, because even he is the recipient to mega-humungous bailout money from the Fed.

As the climate in the US—politically, culturally, and economically—becomes more saturated with “Obamination”, and conversely distasteful to those not inclined towards the radical and bizarre agenda of the Anointed One, you will see an increased search for a better geography that may be a tad more conservative, more friendly to business-generating entrepreneurs, and more likely to not have crushing loads of debt hanging over their children’s heads. You don’t need a whole lot at this point. The more Obama pushes his crap on the rest of us, the more we look no better than many other locations around the globe.

Don’t want to travel to the opposite end of the world? Try Costa Rica, Guatemala—they all seem very attractive places to land in the near future. Cost of living is OK, business climates are good, and it’s only 3 hours from FL or CA. Even Belize, as poor as it is but with English as the official language, could become more enticing by the day.

The other scenario is the one that I believe is more likely. Instead of all of us shipping out around the globe, our kids will be traveling to China for permanent residence, making a decent living, and then sending back money to the US to help out the rest of the family living a step above the poverty line. Yes, the Mexican Scenario has just become the US scenario. The best and brightest will go overseas, leaving the rest of us to the mercy of the half-wits and flunky sycophants who will be erecting monuments to Barack Obama with whatever spare change is still left in the governmental kitty—that is, after they get approval from the Chinese economic leaders sent to help the US recover and rebuild it’s economy.

You think I’m kidding? My son, a sharp and gifted lad, has asked to learn Chinese along with Spanish. I can very well see where this is going.

Think about it. By 2040:

  • China will be the largest economy on earth, surpassing the US
  • The baby boomers will be completely retired, sucking off the great medical and retirement system they failed to adapt for more modern times through HSA’s, MSA’s, tort reform, etc.
  • Those very same systems will be absolutely bankrupt, by all accounting angles.
  • Our economy will contract and crack under the weight of the ridiculous regulations imposed by Cap & Tax. All of the major fears of the “alleged” coming global climate crisis will be seen in the rear view mirror, but too late to change the demise of the US manufacturing and innovation sectors.
  • Europe will be at least 20% muslim by 2050, which will have profound implications with some of our largest markets and trading partners. This can go one of two ways – either it forces us to co-exist better with the Muslim community in general (which is tough, because the Muslims in Europe are not assimilating, and could eventually just take over), or it pushes us out of a commercial relationship with the Euros altogether.

We will be facing some serious challenges in the next 3 decades, the likes of which the Oba-wan’s policies will cripple us and our ability to handle them.

The only way we do this is to stop the train now before it leaves the station. It is time for us to wake up and smell the socialism. The recent protests over health care are a sign that the ground is starting to swell. The fire is smoldering, but it needs to burn hotter aned brighter for it to have the desired and needed effect. We need more protesting, more galvanizing, more agitation, more condescension from the WH, more Pelosi-swastika quotes to enrage us all.

More than that, we need to decide that being silent is no longer an option. Simply trusting the professionals and leaving them alone will not suffice. Neglect and ignorance will now come at a big cost. We are abdicating our future if we ‘leave well enough alone’.

This does not have to be our future. It’s time we draw a line in the sand and say “silent no more”. It’s time we tell them to start listening to us. It’s time we broadcast loud and clear that we’re fed up and not gonna take it anymore. It’s time to let DC and the elites know we are done trusting them with our future.

It’s time we re-claim our future for us and our children, before some other country puts out a call for the American “huddled masses, yearning to be free”.