Sen Dick Drubin of Illionois shares with us his views on people who attend town hall meetings on healtcare reform.

First, I have to say, how arrogant to think that the people taking time to attend these meetings are insurance company shills.

Second, how arrogant of you, to think that because people are starting to disagree with you, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama, they are some how less than genuine in their opinions. Newsflash: not everyone voted for your guy Barry, and not everyone is a believer in hope and change….and that’s ok.

Third, how sad that you dismiss people who take the time to call in and express their opioins on the telephone. Are they shilling for the insurance companies too?

Fourth, you do have an honest and fair way for opinons to be expressed when you hold these town halls. People come and tell you what they think. What do you expect? A donut social?

People like Dick Durbin, are the reason the system is broken and the reason the country is on the edge. It’s time you remember you do answer to regular people, some of which might disagree with you. When they do disgagree with you, don’t dismiss them, listen and learn. Dissent is patriotic, at least that’s what everyone kept saying when Bush was in office.