The spectacle we are witnessing with the “Cash for Clunkers” debacle is quite fascinating and quite telling for America’s health care future. With the “Cash for Clunkers” program our government is now in the process of demonizing and destroying cars that in most respects retain significant value to the many who love and care for them. They are fully operational, can pass most state inspections, and provide a quality existence to those whose purpose they are so diligently serving. These cars are loved, cared for and maintained by people who in most cases would not be willing to replace them. But, our government views those cars in a much different light. In the eyes of the government the “clunkers” are a drain on society and harmful to the collective. They are unworthy of existence and must be replaced with newer, more efficient, and more socially conscious models that will work to benefit society as a whole. As a result of this belief our government has instituted a plan that encourages the masses to sacrifice their cherished cars for the betterment of society and is even willing to pay the peasants to destroy and replace their old prized possessions. Resistance, for these cars, is futile.

The same government that fails to recognize the value of “old reliable” is the same government that will fail to recognize the value of America’s old. With Obama-care and an eventual single-payer health care system, the dealings with America’s elderly, handicapped, and mentally disabled will operate under the same principles that currently guide its policies toward America’s “clunkers”. Individuals, the sick, will face the same level of bureaucratic compassion that is currently sending perfectly good automobiles to their fateful end. Under our “socially conscious” government health care plan the government will once again help society to determine what models (people) are worthy of protection, health services, and aid, and which models (people) whose time is up, whose better days are behind them, and whose last socially conscious act will be their inevitable sacrifice for the social good. Instead of the cattle being led to slaughter in automobile showrooms and the offices of sleazy cars salesmen, America’s most vulnerable will exercise their final act of social responsibility in doctor’s offices, hospital emergency rooms, and Hospice centers. Resistance, for these people, is futile.

As we watch the news and see America’s cars discarded and labeled as “clunkers” as they are quickly hauled away to their sacrifice, let’s ask ourselves one question……Whose got next?

Maybe a $4,500.00 tax incentive will ease the burden on American families quite nicely. Seems to be working so far.