Though I’m on the second leg of my western state vacation tour during which I plan to expand my carbon footprint to a level that makes Algore cringe, I couldn’t resist checking in with the PD crew after seeing this story about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign maintaining a status I’ll call “Warm Standby“.

Conventional wisdom dictates The One will not face a primary challenger in the 2012 Race for the Oval. While early indicators point to that being true, the conspiracy theorist in me has to wonder: If Team Obama’s numbers continue their downward spiral and America’s general mood cries out for a shot of Prozac, will Hillary consider jumping ship and challenging The One in 2012?

It would take a lot of politcial gravitas to call a press conference, stand before the podium and declare something along the lines of “this is not the Barack Obama I knew.”

Just sayin’. What think ye?