Recently when visiting an inefficient government office, my wife saw this poster:

Fortunately, she didn’t let the looks she was getting, where people seemed to scream with all the color in their eyes “why is there a crazy person taking a picture of the poster on the wall?” stop her from capturing this image.

“Food Stamps Make America Stronger,” a poster brought to you by the United States Department of Agriculture. Of course they had to have a small, cute, little girl in the picture as if to say, “it’s for the children, and you don’t want to hurt children like me, do you?”

This poster makes me sick. No, it infuriates me. People don’t improve their lives when given handouts, they come back for another handout followed by another and another and another.

People’s lives improve when they learn to do for themselves, when they learn to be industrious, thrifty, and to live within their means.

Institutionalized handouts teach people to be lazy. They make America weaker, as people become less self-reliant. The only people who gain strength from government handouts are those in the government who justify their pathetic existence by supposedly helping the poor, when in reality they are exploiting those in poverty, teaching them to come back with looking for another handout so their “jobs” are not only secure but more “jobs” are created.

This USDA poster is not something suddenly created once the new administration took office. Rather, this country has been moving down the path toward Socialism for years. George W. Bush hit the accelerator with the prescription drug handout and opened the flood gates with the TARP handout. Barack Obama is staging a full social coup, attempting to make all of industry and the general public reliant on government. He claims we would become literally and figuratively more healthy.

I’m sorry Mr. President. Government does not make America stronger. Stop selling us these lies. More government only makes you and the ruling class of career politicians, political cronies, and government employees more powerful.

Americans make America stronger. Provide a common defense for us and otherwise GET OUT OF OUR LIVES!