I could feel a disturbance in the force, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was barely noticeable after November 4th, but has since recorded such massive seismic movements that it makes the San Andreas fault look like the next best place for that new condo going up with Barnie Frank’s Fannie Mae money. Thankfully, Cam Cannon over at Breitbart verbalized it, and he hit the nail on the head:

The Oba-wan is a Jedi knight using his mind tricks to sway the debate in Congress. I knew it!

Oba-wan:There will be not debate. Dems: “We don’t need to debate this – we need to get it done.”

Oba-wan:This bill will be passed by August. Dems: “We must get this done by August.”

Oba-wan:You will not see any deficits in this sheme. Dems: “This legislation is deficit neutral.”

Oba-wan: You will not even need to read the bill. Dems:“Who’s going to know every word in a thousand page document?”

Oba-wan: You must spend to avoid bankruptcy. No, wait – I didn’t tell Joey B to say that one. Doh! I need to be more careful with him. Sometimes he’s denser than C3PO. My Jedi mind tricks seem to just go haywire inside his brain.

Honest to goodness, just because the entire stinking Democratic party all walk around in a trance-like state convincing themselves of these silly opinions do not make them a single bit more true than the moment they were plucked out of the thin air everyone is breathing inside the Rotunda down there in DC.

It’s the only way I can explain how educated men and women are abdicating reality and sound thinking to railroad a load of mularkey down the taxpayer throats.