This is the letter I faxed to both of my US Senators yesterday. I felt like they needed to hear from a private citizen of their state the mood and passion about the current legislation (health care and climate control). Actually, this is the first time I ever directly contacted either one. Not like they’re taking my calls these days…

Feel free to copy and use it, or craft your own to tell your Senator how you feel.

July 1, 2009

Senators Arlen Specter & Bob Casey Jr

Dear Senators:

As a resident of the great commonwealth of PA, I need to communicate something of importance to you. I understand you are being urged by the President to sign his two signature pieces of legislation on health care and climate control. He has given his plea. Now I give you mine.

Please do not subject the US to economic suicide for the sake of appeasing a very persuasive speaker and leader. Others can argue more persuasively than I might be able to, but I just want you to hear from me—one of your many constituents who are deeply concerned about the future direction of the country stemming from these bills before Congress.

Our healthcare, while not being perfect, works for over 85% of the population. Rather than scrap the entire arrangement and come up with a plan that is already fraught with flaws and shortcomings and saddled with a massive debt load that will bankrupt us faster than you can say “heart attack”, the president could convene summits with business leaders to brainstorm creative answers to these issues instead of lumping it all onto the government’s lap—the same government that cannot run Medicare, cannot run Medicaid, and simply cannot manage programs like these at all.

My plea to you is this – vote no for the health care legislation as it currently stands before the House and Senate.

As for the global warming bill, frankly we are committing economic suicide if we pass this. I find it ironic that the President, as a candidate in the fall, decried the outsourcing of jobs to other countries like India and China—yet is now poised by this piece of legislation to make the biggest outsourcing of non-returnable manufacturing jobs to those very same countries.

We will lose those jobs, and never get them back. For all the green jobs promised in the future, we will lose three times as many manufacturing jobs and jobs currently designed to manage today’s energy infrastructure in our country. Do you want your own grandchildren and great-grandchildren having that crisis looming over them—with the knowledge that you put them in that position?

If you sign these bills, you are subjecting the United States to a second world, or possibly third world, status shortly down the road over the next two decades.

Consider the crushing load of unsustainable debt and the dead-end trajectory you are consigning us to if you sign these pieces of legislation.

I strongly urge you to vote no for both. The science is debatable, the rhetoric borders on hubris, and the outcomes are far from accurate. I for one am not snookered by this foolish charade being foisted upon the American people. Don’t you be fooled as well.

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