The chorus of resignation calls continues to build for disgraced SC Governor Mark Sanford (below). It’s fine that he wants to compare himself to King David. It’s lovely that he’s said he won’t resign because King David didn’t.

Why doesn’t Sanford understand that this isn’t ultimately about an affair? It’s about deceit from the highest elected official in the state. Lies to his staff, the media, fellow lawmakers. He has lost his credibility and his judgment will now be questioned every single day by colleagues in both political parties. He needs these people to be successful, period, and they no longer trust him.

-The state AG is pouring over every trip he’s ever taken to determine if resources were abused.

-Polls say a majority think he should resign.

-His staffers are being paraded out to correct his lies about when, where and how many times he wasn’t where he said he was.

Governor, this isn’t about you and it certainly isn’t about being judged for adultery. It’s about your ability to effectively and credibly lead the state that elected you.

It’s time to say goodbye.

More GOP leaders demand Sanford’s resignation
Posted: 09:45 AM ET

From CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby

COLUMBIA (CNN) — Six more Republicans in the South Carolina Senate are calling on Mark Sanford to resign, including Majority Leader Harvey Peeler.

Late Tuesday, the senators jointly issued a press release demanding that the governor step down because he has lost the trust of South Carolinians.

“The bottom line is that the Governor’s private matters should remain private, but his deception and negligence make it impossible for us to trust him, and for him to govern in the future,” they wrote.

Peeler told CNN that Sanford “has lost his ability to lead, and I’m afraid he has lost his ability to function as a man.”

“He is sitting all alone in that big governor’s mansion, totally alone,” Peeler said. “It’s about leadership and moving forward and it’s time for him to resign.”

Peeler was joined GOP state senators Hugh Leatherman, Paul Campbell, Jake Knotts, Larry Martin and William O’Dell.

Earlier Tuesday, two of Sanford’s top conservative allies in the senate — Larry Grooms and Kevin Bryant — also said Sanford must go.