While I’m sure the supporters of these Tax Day related Tea Parties mean well, they are accomplishing nothing.

Do these protesters ever take the time to research a viable initiative to create legislative change to cap government spending? Probably not, because they are too busy planning tea parties all over the country.

The use of the word “party” in and of itself implies a certain mindset to have fun instead of getting the job done. These venues regularly invite key note speakers to attract hoards of people who are tired of paying exorbitant taxes. No kidding, we are all tired of it, but throwing “whining parties” about taxes goes over about as well as a hole in a tea bag. If I were a Spend Politician, I’d be laughing at these colonist “wanna be’s” all the way to the bank.

I would bet these tea parties don’t even provide recycling bins for the tons of paper and plastic waste they leave behind. The organizers are simply too engrossed in finding ways to nail down their fifteen minutes of fame that exists only in their minds.

They are costing themselves (and us) even more in taxes. Protest venues are not a rite of passage for feisty youth, misdirected adults and popular media figures. If they are going to protest, they should at least have specific goals laid out for how they plan to formally activate change.