To be blunt, I didn’t know much about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. He seemed like a nice enough guy with pretty solid conservative bona fides so this early in the theoretical 2012 Race for the Oval, I wasn’t disappointed to see him lead the PD pack on the sidebar.

Well, I just got done watching the tail end of Sanford’s press conference where he attempted to explain his unannounced and unplanned trip to Argentina. Turns out Sanford really wanted to get off the grid – to someplace where he would be unrecognized. Here’s the bottom line.

Sanford went to Argentina to meet a woman (not his wife). El Rushbo quickly dubbed this new woman in Sanford’s life “The Girl from Ipanema”. I must geographically disagree with El Rushbo. Ipanema is in Brazil – a beach in Rio actually – not Argentina.

But I digress.

I’m trying hard not to judge the guy for making such a spectacular lapse in moral judgment. Really. I am.

But what kind of guy hops an 7,000 mile flight whilst telling everyone he was hiking the Appalachian Trail?

Talk about flaming out an falling to earth.