One of the tricks in a magic show is to keep the attention of the audience on one thing while the magician performs some sleight of hand that makes up the magic trick. Pres Obama is using this trick to get all of his little pet projects passed into law, and distract the public with legislation overload.

Tonight ABC will be shilling the President’s healthcare reform plans, without any Republican response, opposition or alternative viewpoints presented. Don’t get me wrong, this is bad – very bad. Look for sob stories, emotional appeals and rhetoric not based in actual facts and numbers. Remember the time when the press was supposed to just report the news, and not slobber all over the people making the news? Oh, the good ol’ days.

All the while the other hand will quietly try and get Cap and Trade legislation passed into law this coming Friday, June 26. If you are not familiar with Cap and Trade, the basic summary is this: business is given a limit on the carbon it can produce – the cap. If they don’t use their carbon allotment they can trade it for money or other things. It has been tried in Europe with disastrous results. Those results being back door taxes on every aspect of life, and much higher energy prices. It does not reduce carbon emissions or help any sort of climate change.

This issue is important to me, as it should be to all Americans. Please call your US Representative today or tomorrow and tell them to vote NO on the Waxman/Markey Energy Bill. Find your Representative at