Not to sound like an over zelous Glenn Beck fan, but Beck had predicted some time ago that ACORN, our favorite community organizing group, would change it’s name when things got too hot. Well, it looks like that has come, and they are in fact changing their name.

Why does this matter? They are doing what any good corrupt person or organization or cockaroach does when the light hits it: scatter into the dark shadows, wait for the lights to go out and come back out and commence plundering, stealing money, engaging in corruption, etc. Their real hope is that you all will ignore their man behind the curtain when the dust has settled and get on with your lives, so they can get on with the organizing of communities and such.

At anyrate, the ACORN drama just got a bit more dramatic, and a bit more devious. Look for the corruption to continue in whatever incarnation ACORN creates for itself.