Yesterday I wrote this big long post about Obamacare. It was great, it had all these links to great articles I’d been saving all week. But then I thought about it overnight and I deemed myself too verbose and really too tired to go back and put all those links in.

So here’s the the skinny. The other day Obama addressed the AMA. He was booed by the crowd. I’m sure it was a first for him, but nothing Gibbsy and Michelle couldn’t help him with later on.

Why did the doctors boo him? Simple, he is refusing to help them set limits on jury awards in malpractice lawsuits. Just to be fair, the Repubs who preceded The Big O in power circles also refused to do this. All of this makes me think, that Pres. Obama is not really serious about reducing healthcare costs. If he was serious about it, he would look at every, last, q-tip and post it note as a way to cut costs, and medical malpractice suits cost doctors and regular folk millions every year.

In a time not too distant I used to work in a personal injury law firm. The classy kind that advertised on TV and on the back page of the phone book. During that year, I was privy to conversations of how to go after doctors, how to get as much out of them as possible and how to ruin their lives. Granted there are dishonest and bad doctors out there, but they are far outnumbered by good and honest doctors. Sometimes my heart ached for the storm that was coming the way of many of these unsuspecting doctors and their staffs. When it comes down to it, doctors are people and sometimes they can make mistakes, however, that should not make cash register signs ring our eyes. When doctor’s costs go up, they pass those costs on to the insurance companies and to you the consumer.

The lawsuit culture that we live in, is part of the high price of medical care. However, if Obama were to go for limits on malpractice, his buddies the in the trial lawyers union would go after him, and he is not one to bite the hands that have fed him and his campaign – event though that would be the right thing to do.