Yes, it’s true, the dominant food corporations hide behind the scenes of everything America eats. These corporations are being blamed for America’s weight and health problems. But before we miss the point of the documentary and jump to conclusions and new excuses for why we are tipping the scales, remember this; being overweight in most cases is a personal choice.

I think the revelations in the movie “Food Incorporated” are long overdue. But I also strongly suspect the movie will only stoke the self pity fires of those who perpetually enable themselves to continue eating what they want, when they want.

One of the foundations of obesity is the constant conjuring of excuses for not starting, or sticking to a healthy diet. As a result of the movie Food Incorporated, America could soon be expected to empathize with those who are overweight. After all, they are the majority of the population. We are likely to see interviews with overweight people who will site American food corporations as a major contributor to their obesity.

As hard as it is for an overweight person to run errands in ninety degree weather, or to clean the house, or bathe the dog, it’s just as hard for those slender people to consistently make the healthy choices that keeping them in the top tier of a medical wellness chart.

Corporations don’t force us to purchase our vegetables in the grocery store as opposed to growing them in our yards, or a co-op garden. Nor do corporations demand that we must buy food containing trans fats and high fructose corn syrup.

So, for the masses who are going to use the information from the movie as an excuse for not being able to control their weight, I’m not buying it.