In huge print on Drudge: ABC Turns Programming Over to Obama; News to be Anchored From Inside the White House.

That’s right. ABC will turn its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government-run health care, a very complex and controversial issue; one which requires debate and many viewpoints. So now he gets free reign on a big network?

The Patriot Depot is considering a new bumper sticker: ABC: Advancing Barack’s Communism.

Catchy. I like it.

The Republican Party was denied a request to present an opposing point of view. Imagine that. A news establishment promoting a left-wing agenda. And I thought the fawning, deity references, and body shivers were over the top. Completely turning over the network to the government is not even close to being the watchdog the media is supposed to be. It’s jumping right in bed.

So on June 24th, Charlie Gibson will deliver World News from the White House Blue Room. They also plan a special report called ‘Prescription for America’, to be presented in the East Room……opposing voices excluded.

Sidenote: The Director of Communications at the White House Office of Health Reform is Linda Douglass, who worked as a reporter for ABC News from 1998-2006. Interesting.

Ken McKay from the RNC fired off a letter to ABC demanding that Obama’s so-called bipartisanship requires opposing points of view. Otherwise this should be considered an ‘infomercial for promoting the Democrat agenda’ and the DNC should penny up.

It’s funny that ABC responded with a claim that they represent all sides of issues yet they deny the RNC entrance and participation in this event. In Vice President Kerry Smith’s reply, he went on to say

ABCNEWS alone will select those who will be in the audience asking questions of the president. Like any programs we broadcast, ABC News will have complete editorial control. To suggest otherwise is quite unfair to both our journalists and our audience.

So, covering all sides and being fair is planting people in the audience to ask questions that only you and Barack want asked? You just said yourself, Mr Smith, that ABC news will have complete editorial control.

Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentleman; keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.