Obama’s message to his drones:

Organizing for Health Care: “This time it is going to be us who determine what happens”

Nothing like Obama implying that this is what you want, except it’s what he wants. Well, this past weekend is when the Obama sponsored “grassroots” meetings were held to begin planning for the “National Health Care Day of Service Event” on June 27. Dan Joseph attended one of these meetings. His recap is outstanding, including this point:

The entire time I was at the meeting, for all of the talk of “health care for all” and how “meaningful reform can’t wait” there was not a single question or mention of the programs potential costs to the taxpayer.

Because apparently no one actually cares what this will cost. Right. That’s very liberal of them, wanting to put a band aid on the problem at any cost, without actually examining the root cause. Fortunately, there was hope conveyed by Dan, as he came away with the impression that these folks will have a far more difficult time selling an issue so complex as healthcare to the general public, as opposed to “hope” and “change”. As a reminder, per Investors Business Daily, we are far healthier than the Canadians and Europeans Obama is attempting to imitate (click to enlarge).

HT on Dan’s post to Michelle Malkin