Not to belabor the issue, but late term abortions are sometimes, a necessary fact of life. Mothers, whether married or not often plan the decision get pregnant. It is a carefully weighed choice due to the many facets of raising even a perfectly healthy child. Factoring in a debilitating or fatal birth defect shouldn’t have to be part of the plan if a mother is not feeling up to that challenge.

Any good mother already in the throws of raising healthy children, will carefully weigh the decision of taking an extremely defective pregnancy to full term and delivery. She knows it is a crap shoot that could permanently take her attention away from her ability to be focussed on the children she already has. She also knows that an extreme birth defect/disease will take a toll on her relationship with her husband and those who take a secondary role her life, ie., relatives and parents.

Women know that they are the main nurturers and care givers of their offspring. Women alone have the deepest understanding of the intricacies of their emotional strengths and weaknesses in motherhood. The age old saying, “mother knows best” didn’t just invent itself. Women are the only ones who can truly determine their capacity to raise a child.

That being said, a great many mothers must be comforted to know, that should a substantially less than perfect pregnancy be bestowed upon them, they do have a choice in the matter, thanks to a small number of doctors who are willing to perform the abortions that many people shun and refer to as “Murder”.