Here’s a guest submission from Myra Moss Adams

Attention Las Vegas Bookies: Start the betting on the 2012 Democratic ticket.

Everyone knows the VP slot on the 2012 ticket is all about setting up 2016, and does Obama really want Bumbling Joe Biden as the 2016 frontrunner?

So here are the possible replacements:
1. Hillary replaces Biden. (A No Brainer)
2. Mark Warner replaces Biden (Boring but a good safe choice)
3. Claire McCaskill replaces Biden (Only if Hillary says no)

Here are the real reasons Obama will replace Biden.
1. I thought I needed him in 2008 and don’t need him in 2012.
2. Biden as automatic frontrunner in 2016 means another Democratic Primary Bloodbath. Do I really want to put my party through THAT again?
3. Joe will lose the 2016 Democratic nomination and I will look bad.
4. Joe will win the 2016 Democratic nomination, lose the election and I will look bad.